Here’s the low-down. We are inviting fellow dirt chimps to join with us to ride down to the Touratech Rally in Washington this June. This event is also going to mark the official launch of That Moto App (TMA), a little something we have been working on for close to two years now.

This will also mark the launch of our charitable division, called TMA Helping Hands, where 20% of our gross revenue is channeled toward changing the financial outlook for a deserving person who has been dealt a bad hand.

This is a huge rally, perhaps the biggest. We want to roll in with a pile of good folks, launch TMA gorilla style, have a great time, and do a bunch of riding.

About TMA

That Moto App (TMA) is an ambitious project. We have a background in building really big online and offline applications, and a mittful of programmers, so the pursuit of a passion project was very appealing for us, especially considering the many opportunities for quality software in the world of motorcycles, ATV, SxS, 4X4, and snow machines.

If you register your intent to join The Chimp Brigade to Touratech then we will gladly give you early access to TMA, if you are interested.

Visit TMA Website (Pre-Release)

Introducing TMA Helping Hands

Every person joining TMA needs an Access Pass to get in for the first time. This is our way to see what marketing initiatives work. It is also a great way to reward those who do some great marketing for us!

TMA Helping Hands involves us sharing an Access Pass with a bunch of people and then linking that code to a person who would really benefit from a helping hand. What happens in the app, and behind the scenes, is that when users who joined TMA using that Access Pass choose to upgrade from the free version of TMA to TMA Pro and pay a monthly fee, 20% of the gross revenue is channeled toward the recipient, every month, and for as long as the people choose to subscribe.

If my writing is a bit obscure, the simple version is that we will donate 20% of our associated subscriptions to the recipient, every month.

Dylan Thompson

Andrew Thompson’s brother Dylan recently suffered a crippling bout of spinal cancer. Last year, Dylan was an active family man and firehouse Captain. Today, he is bedridden and paralyzed from the chest down. It’s the kind of thing that we all fear. His life changed in the blink of an eye, and now he and his family are struggling. He was dealt a shitty hand, and we want to help him out.

The Chimp Brigade

Begin with the end in mind…

We will likely have people joining us from across Western Canada. The end goal is to all meet right before crossing the border into Washington. Then, we roll down together like a giant conga line of Dirt Chimps!

Meeting: Osoyoos, June 22

Lunch: 11 AM

Leaving Town: 1 PM

Estimated Arrival at Rally: 4 PM

Starting Points & Hooking-Up

Hey, not that kind of hook-up, alright? This is about starting the march South, meeting other participants, and rolling together. We hope to see crews coming from Northern BC, and Northern Alberta. Once you let us know that you plan to join us, Andrew will work on helping you make connections.

Why Join Us Chimps?

There are a lot of different reasons to join us. One or more may resonate with you.

  • Go on a big road trip.
  • Meet new adventure riders.
  • Get early access to our ground-breaking app.
  • Be part of something newsworthy.
  • Help fight the impacts of cancer. Change a family’s reality.
  • Attend a super cool rally with some people who share your interest.
  • Go ride some great trails in a beautiful area.
  • Be part of one (or some) of our crappy Dirt Chimp videos!

Take Action Now

The tickets for this rally sell out every year, so it is important to buy yours now, even if you are on the fence about attending. They are very cool about refunds, and you can get a refund up to 7 days before the event. That’s amazing!

Rally Website

Next, please tell Andrew Thompson that you plan to join us. Email him at I am certain that he will be thrilled to hear from you.