Dirt Chimps – Adventure Bikes


We like to ride enduro trails on our 300 cc bikes and then ask “I wonder if we could do this on our adventure bikes”?

For us, it’s not about having the “Best Bike” for the type of terrain. In fact, perhaps the opposite is true. Adventure bikes like ours are big, overly powerful, and monstrously heavy. Getting them through challenging trails is what makes this game fun to play, and to watch.

Our YouTube Channel (Est. 2018)

Click the image below to check out our Dirt Chimps Adventure Bikes YouTube channel.

Our Annual Event

The Adventure Bike Gathering is turning out to be one of the premier events for dirt-oriented adventure bikers. Click the image to visit our website.

Adventure Bike Sponsorships

We collect a lot of draw prizes from sponsors each year and give them away to participants of The Adventure Bike Gathering. Bounce over to the event website to see how we give recognition then reach out to us to indicate your interest. Thanks!

Dirt Chimps – 4X4 Division


To tell you the truth, we got into 4X4 activities because of a broken foot in July 2020. As we looked at 2 months of not being able to ride adventure bikes we figured we had better go buy a Jeep and go drive around in the back-country around our homes in Vernon, British Columbia.

There are a lot of great Jeep channels here in B.C., however, we could not find anybody sharing their Okanagan adventures. We set out to meet some new friends, film our excursions, and share them via YouTube.

Our YouTube Channel (Est. 2020)

Click the image below to check out our Dirt Chimps 4X4 YouTube channel.

Our Vehicles

“Little Buddy”

  • 2020 Jeep JL with 3.5″ Teraflex Lift, Falcon 3 Shocks, 37″ Nitto Tires
  • Warn Winch, Onboard Air, and Other Goodies

DATS Adventure Nomad

  • 2017 Dodge 2500 Diesel
  • American Expedition Vehicles “Prospector XL”
  • 40″ Tires with Front & Rear Lockers
  • 16,000 lb Winch, MAXTRAX, Onboard Air

4X4 Sponsorships

This channel is way too small to be contemplating sponsorships. Now, with that said, some of the goodies that we use in our other channels do carry over, such as our super cool Kenwood 2-Way radios. Thanks guys!

Our Other Stuff

Snow Biking!

We launched the Internet’s first snow biking channel way back in 2015 and we have been going strong ever since. If this interests you, check out SnowChimps.ca, or our rather sizeable YouTube channel.

Pretty Cool Software

We make some pretty cool software, called DATS (Digital Action Tracking System) that is used by organizations of all sizes. It’s not unusual for us to meet a new customer, or an existing customer, by way of our events and YouTube channels. Perhaps check it out. If you are interested in chatting, that’s awesome!

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